2 / I Wish I Were That Girl


This is that short mini fashion film / music video I shot for 2 a while ago this year. I just couldn't found the right moment to release it and since this year will only last for a couple of more hours still, the timing finally felt right. I guess more than a video promo we could see it as a mini New Year resolution.

This is exactly how I would love to look like if I were to be a girl. Effortlessly mismatched with no fucks to give. That's where this all started actually. I fused my fantasy with this itchy idea I had of making a new video for 2 and then came "Dreams", originally by Fleetwood Mac but remixed by Deep Dish featuring Stevie Nicks, a song I used to sing to myself in the mirror every morning before crashing school.

I hope 2014 will be the year we can all get one step closer to becoming who we want to be. Not escape, not just wish, but BECOME.

Happy New Year!



These are all my wardrobe dreams come true.

I PRAISE a baby blue-anything and that two-tone mink fur coat is just giving me asthma to be honest.

It's so weird how the non-chalant feeling of some pre-fall collections at times ends up being better and far more cooled down than the so anticipated spring summers and fall collections. I love the variety of girls in this lookbook although it's a pitty black girls are still not part of Celine's girl repertoir. The birkenstock was something that hapenned and was fun with fur on it only. So I'm hoping for everyone to get over it soon; but I get it, they sparked that 'stock fever and they want to stick with it since it's theirs now. But please God let it fade. If models don't look fly on them we most certainly won't either...ever...but that's just me.

And as last but not least, the python/judo belt combo. PRAISE. This is a girl who slept through her morning, got dressed in a rush, put on the wrong belt and liked it. Wonder if she's cold? don't bother she doesn't drive, she gets driven and only wears mink to step in and out of doors. THE LIFE.



wearing 2 top

photos by Cédric

So this is me going off with my futuristic cholo look. Just actin' dreamy and very Posh Spice pre-Beckham.

I'm about to go out on a coffee date with the gorgeous and talented Romy Treebusch to discuss our upcoming shoot together. It's been a while since Romy and I worked new images out; in fact, last time we did we were both still at school and graduating. Now that school schedules and asignments are behind us, we couldn't wait to get together again and make something happen which wasn't just homework.

For the past 2 weeks I've also been styling portfolio shoots for and with Cédric. We shot gorgeous boys at sick locations and I've been dying to put them out here! but since we're aiming for publications this time I guess that might take a while. 

Remember Sukmeqilme? well he/she/it has been popping real good new videos these past weeks from which End of the World and a n g e l are my all time favorites. These videos always make me feel like just diving into my screen and float, fly or swim into whatever is happening in it. The selection on this post is somewhat of the same kind of vibe at different levels; but if you were to go through his/her/it's channel you will find a video for every kind of mood. If you're in for an online trip, put your best headphones on, turn off the lights and enjoy the ride. 




I guess if you're reading this, you have a computer, internet and these images are no longer new to your eyes. Even if not a Beyoncé fan, (why in hell wouldn't you?) we have to admit it would have been rather impossible to dodge the 17 snippets BEY-BOMB she dropped on us yesterday. 

So this is me paying my little homage to the Queen's newest gift to the world "Self-Titled". To be honest I was quite affraid that after conceiving Blue Ivy her new album was going to be a gospel mommy kind of thing, but boy was I wrong. She gave us BEY the mother, the friend, the daughter, the trophy wife, the steaming hot sexy trophy wife, the bad bitch, the fashion boss, the artwork, the empowered black woman, and even a BEY we hadn't seen before: the supernatural goddess.

On Ghost she did this ritual rap prayer kind of thing that had me gasping for air. 

And how GORGEOUS can Yoncé get?! #TEAMDARKSKIN baby!!!

No Angel is hood-perfection.

Blue adorable. 

Grown Woman she can do whatever she wants!

Haunted she justified that Madonna love.

Mine editorial-ready.

Flawless DIVA pt. 2.

She trully did it all and gave to each of us what we wanted/needed. These were my faves, what are yours?



Ever since Versace's fall 13 show these images of extremely studded and embroidered chokers haunt me everyday. Unfortunately most of the outrageous Vunk pieces (Punk with a V) were just runway show pieces. The only few jewelry out there from this collection can't actually compare. This is maybe a good reason to go to back to DIY-land and have some good old crazy embroidering fun Donatella style.

This song is my 2013 coming to an end.

Can we talk about everyone's fuzz on bloggers being "banned" from upcoming and possibly future NY fashion weeks? I mean, I totally understand the approach to "cutting down" on attendees but, are bloggers the only people they're making a cut on? isn't it something dealing more with minimizing every show during fashion week for a better and more exclusive experience for the most people who are trully in the business? and by this I don't mean to say that bloggers don't make part of the fashion bizz. But in a way, if a fashion house is to invite one of us to their show is because we might have become a little guilty pleasure in between their inspiration sources or they just like the way you wear their goods or how you refer to the brand. So not exactly because of selling rates or strategic online moves in most of cases. But do bloggers really have to be all that in ONE? isn't there someone sitting right next to them in that same show who's there for that other job?

At the end of the day blogs are about exposure, inspiration and in some cases, the debate of ideas.

I think it's silly how plenty of fashion journalists have jumped on the subject and made it black and white by dividing the relationship in between fashion week and fashion bloggers; it's either good or bad. Being fashion week the good and fashion bloggers the villains. Perhaps I'm not dealing with the subject in the best of ways either, but I don't think it's fair for those who see themselves threatened by the online world to be so cut-throat about a movement that has brought more good than bad things to the fashion scene.

I'm not gonna lie though, and I don't know how crazy New York fashion week can get outside a show's gates, but in Paris things can get quite heated up and the crowd tends to look a bit purposeless at times. But again, do fashion enthusiasts really need a purpose to be there and just watch?...maybe in the future there will be smarter solutions for people who are not actually invited, but could easily watch the show be streamed live at a really chic bar or club for example; sort of a cyber fashion week for the outsiders who instead of hopping from one show to another, will go from one live stream to the other.

Maybe I'm spacing, or maybe it's too late and this thread is turning into an essay, but all I hope for is for the people at the top to not completely shut all doors to young bright souls but to just be more selective about which young souls to let in.

At the end of the day who's there to blame? the "unnecessary"? or the ones letting the "unnecessary" in?



wearing vintage golden cable knit sweater.

Photo by Cédric.


Past weekend and James Clear taught me to give myself some slack when it comes to all things important in YUNG GIULI's universe.

The start is supposed to be a struggle. In fact, it’s all supposed to be a struggle. Struggle is strongly linked to success; and failure should be just another signal to re-commit to the process, not a reason to wallow in disappointment.

So all I want for christmas is a solid cork vision board, ink cartridges and well......a camera. Just to put things in perspective, you know?

But for now I'll just channel my shiny, strong and fierce inner Horse-self as the Chinese horoscope adviced me to. let's enjoy, eat and drink the last 23 days of the lovely, confusing and firey year that was 2013. BUT don't forget NYE will come around again with them confronting new year resolutions, make sure you're prepared.

Last night I danced to Techno with a K in a place that looked more like True Blood's Merlotte's BAR & GRILL; the only difference were the thousands of Marilyn Monroe's portraits with red glittery lips all over and random colorful ski's hung as wall decoration. I had no clue I would end up at such place and still I wore a wool Celinesque oversized plaid shirt (which I'm dying to show you), leather hat, blue jeans and boots properly unintentional.



Looks like I was not the only one hanging in the south of France lately! 

If there's something I love more than clothes, it's clothes coming to life. When I first saw Jacquemus' Spring 14 collection I thought: okay, practicality meets fifties meets graphic cut outs and lines so simplistic they're almost impossible to come up with. Just a REALLY soft, super crisp, fresh and calm look that can only make you feel at ease.

BUT it's this visit to La Grande Motte that the Jacquemus girl paid that trully put everything in perspective. The realism of her words, movements and carefree youthful attitude really made me fall in love with her and the collection. She's young and this trip is all about herself; her thoughts her feelings and her father's condo.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for stories. Or maybe I'm just pleasantly stuck in my teenage at the same age as her. That would explain a lot of my life and daily obsessions. Or the reason why I'M BOY CRAZY is the only blog I trully read. BUT DAMN! I never had a friend I could call from a public phone and tell these kind of things to at 15! while wearing full Jacquemus outfits!

If you do, RING HER/HIM NOW!



 photos by Cédric.

So this was the end of my short but jumpy trip to the south of France. We stayed in a gorgeous almost villa-like house surrounded by religious and mythological statues spread all over the gardens. Sometimes looking out the window or waking up in the middle of the night was trully disorientating but only in the best of ways.

This shirt was one of my great Berlin finds. The print is the kind of bright cameras can't capture and therefore it had been hard for me to dare to wear it during these longer early winter days. THAT nonetheless was not the problem once down south; we were blessed with wide open blue skies and sunny afternoons that made these colors seem like just the missing puzzle piece in the beautiful L'Isle sur la Sorgue.

But okay, time for the beats! and I'm calling DÉJÀ VU on this one! 

Remember a seducing Kate Moss in a see through babydoll dress on Primal Scream's "Some Velvet Morning" back in 2003?! I was 13 at the time the video struck me and stained my mind so beautifully ever since. Yesterday the band premiered a new video for "Goodbye Johnny" on Dazed & Confused. Alister Mackie, stylist and creative director at AnOther Man, debuts as a director and describes on a short interview his relationship with Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie and the band. The video, shot on iPhone, references Warhol's screen tests and Madonna's "Erotica", but it was the oil wheel projector that had me reminiscing of Kate dancing, moving and seducing just as well as all these gorgeous boys and trannies did.

And because the video didn't make it to the Youtubesphere yet, you can watch it and read the interview here.



1. Kanye West - Bound 2
When it comes to KIMYE I like me some more KIM than the YE to be honest. But I have to give it to him and this video is on-point. As confusing and awkward as it is, it stands perfectly for the idiotic times we live in. It says: HI IT'S KIM AND KANYE AGAIN, YOU HATE US BUT THAT'S WHY YOU LOVE US. THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU AND BY YOU. KEEP ON TALKIN AND WE'LL KEEP ON CASHIN WHILE RIDIN THIS BIKE XOXO KIMYE. I think Kim looks gorgeous and this video would have been eternally iconic without Kanye in it.

2. Lana del Rey - TROPICO  
Teaser 1 was painfully short and adorable-dreamy. Teaser 2 was trippy, provocative and disturbing in the best of ways, but full trailer was just one fast blood-pumping sneak peak into a beautiful gang you'd kill to be part of. For now I'm trying to bare these two weeks till release date with the unreleased tracks compilation I never new about?!
3. Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time
Sky most definitely keeps on pushing the right buttons but with invisible fingers. There's an air of sex, drugs and a hardcore lifestyle you can't really point out. The magic of immaculate direction! I feel like this video could have been the trailer for a great art house film or a really cute HOOCHIFIED LOLITA spread on italian VOGUE or W magazine.
4. Britney Spears - Britney Jean
If you never liked Britney don't even try getting into this, cause this album feels like Home Sweet Home. Meant obviously for the girls and the gays, Brit gives us some good old Baby One More Time vibes with shameless club beats you wish you could refuse to like.

It's been raining good music for the last couple of weeks! and it doesn't stop here but I'll keep my new goodies for later!

All in all I love how most of my favorites are finally going back to their roots and embracing what once made them big. And if not that, then breaking free from an image they were no longer in tune with. No one is doing the "I'm trying this new sound" kind of thing. They know we want it here, now, we want to feel it, know it, understand it and own it. Ain't nobody got time for new sounds.



wearing Polo Ralph Lauren coat, Dolce & Gabbana long sleeve t-shirt, Célinesque second hand woolen pants.

photos by Cédric.

While in Paris I learnt that we should all be listening to what 19 year olds have to say; they know best. Though this doesn't mean their ideology might be 100% right, 19 is the age of most clarity within the teen years. The age when believing in yourself and making cut throat decisions comes the easiest. So at my 23 I realized I need to turn 19 again.


Paris, unlike my age, never disappoints...whatelse can I say. I feel so lucky to be able to come here so often. Too much Paris will never be enough. It's the most fun to have done the usual Paris-routine SO many times, that simpler things like this wet and shiny rainy night seem way more relevant than shopping or hanging at the places to see and bee seen.

These Célinesque woolen pants I've worn FINALLY for the first time since I bought them last summer. At this point of the year my legs start to need some shelter from the cold too which opens a whole new door of possibilities within the leather and woolen pants stash. For only 4€ and with no brand or a sign of wash indications, they could've easily been part of a uniform or homemade by someone who really needed them or simply dreamt of them. In any case, it's my time now to make my dream outfits come true in them, and what better place to start making dreams come true than Paris?



photos by Cédric.

I tried to get life back on track after Berlin but within less than a week I was rolling again and this time to the south of France with pit stops in Brussels and Paris. The in-Laws are in need of a summer house in the picturesque L'Isle sur la Sorgue and I could tag along to check everything was okay with the pool and jacuzzi.

And because the eye needs to travel, this was me in Brussels. I'm really enjoying  getting back into my chunky sweaters again. Because it's cute and because it's needed.

Being warm is one thing but being warm in a two-tone Olivier Strelli cable knit is another.



photos by Cédric.

Iphone cases were that thing I always waited to get into because the right one had never really crossed me before.

Remember my shady Céline parody tee DIY? although I don't wear the t-shirt as often as I'd like and the case is extremly narcissistic for me to wear, I still dare to wear it because: 1. it was my bf who had it made for my bday, 2. I don't look like myself and 3. why the F not!

The white rubber babe is wrong but right in so many ways. It's DIS magazine meets Street Fighter meets Hentai meets sculpture meets Second Life meets 3D. And when you see something and so many good references ring so many bells, impulse shopping seems perfectly natural and reasonable for once.



wearing boyfriend's Bill Tornade blazer, Ann Demeulemeester robe, white shirt by 2, velvet ASOS skinnies and Zara boots.

So this was Berlin for me!

I have to say I'm a bit ashamed of not really having amazing pictures of the place nor of the things I bought which have all the potential in the world for great outfit posts. But oh well, at the end this trip was more of a fun and relaxing trip more than a sight-seeing and culturally-rich one (not that those things aren't fun! but you get what I mean).

All we did was: shop, window-shop, have delicious lunches, dinners and had lovely long brainless conversations over huge cups of coffee. It was long ago I was on a trip with no I MUST feeling over anything.

This black robe is one of the things I bought at CASH on my days of hunt there which I'm SO happy with. It's the coziest thing ever without giving you a slouchy nor lazy look. You can tie it from the inside for a slimmer look but as well as from the outside if you're trully cold and need to warm up within your layers. CASH is the retro, younger sibling belonging to one of Berlin’s most ambitious fashion stores Apartment. Located right around the corner from it's big bro, once in this tiny bunker style space you will be trying on clothes in an out of order industrial elevator and might easily underestimate the large amount of beautiful pieces and the highness of labels it holds.



Styled by Jayson Hindley.
Just another shoot that hit me right where I like it.

Backstreet boy hairdo, Cholo-chic, and sick chokers.

These are my favorite shots although the rest of the shoot is just as delish.

God knows I even thought of cutting my hair like this for a second.

After I spotted this shoot on Instagram on my way to Berlin, I got so obsessed about the idea of finding chokers just like these. But I think I might've been shopping on the wrong areas cause I didn't really find any. The hunt is definitely not over though!

Can't wait to get my styling game back on.